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37 Things Only Runners Know


I sure got some good laughs with this one:

1. Your laundry has more sports bras than regular bras or more spandex than cotton.

2. You’ve woken up at 5:00 A.M. to beat the heat and humidity in the summertime.

3. On a Saturday.

4. Your allegiance to one shoe is stronger than Cinderella’s to her glass slipper.

5. When you find a pair of jeans that accommodates your waist-to-butt-to-thigh ratio, it is a sign that God loves you and wants you to be happy.

6. Some parts of the world consider beer to be an appropriate swap for Gatorade. You’ve looked into how one might move to these countries.

7. Somewhere in your house is a stash of packets of gel that come in a range of inventive flavors.

8. Someone in your family or circle of friends has mistaken these packets for… well, another kind of gooey substance.

9. And an improperly stored packet in your waistband during a long run will give you deep, deep scars that never fade.

10. The treadmill is to you what that chocolate cake was to the boy in Matilda: you may dislike every single second you’re strapped to that contraption, but damn it if you’re not going to do it anyway.

11. You have Very Strong Opinions on any brand that caters to runners.

12. What do you mean people go to Disney World and don’t run a marathon?

13. A manicurist has raised her eyebrows at the state of your feet.

14. … but you’ve told her to leave the calluses there. You need those.

15. You know how to tape and run on a blister.

16. You find small, disturbing glee in firing off a snot rocket.

17. Getting the little nod of approval from a runner heading in the opposite direction is enough to make you feel as if you’re floating.

18. You really don’t mind bikers on the whole, but every once in a while there’s that one asshole just cruising along…

19. They were wrong: money CAN buy happiness. You can buy carbs.

20. There is a reason why brunch has the word “run” in it. (Hint: it’s because running beforehand makes brunch taste even better.)

21. There will always be that one song you rely on to pump you up like no other.

22. In the world of American Apparel-curated Halloween costumes, you’ve deeply considered grabbing a gray hoodie and just calling yourself Rocky.

23. You may not spend money on gym membership, yet the amount of races you sign up for leave you weeping for what once remained of your paycheck.

24. You stash a water bottle in your freezer to roll out knotted muscles.

25. There is a lacrosse ball in your apartment for this same reason, despite the fact that you’ve never played a day in your life.

26. Few things are as necessary an evil as an ice bath.

27. There is a difference between tired legs and a tired mind, and you know how to overcome and when to give in to each.

28. The only way that a bad day could go worse is if you can’t go for a run to let off your stress.

29. You laugh in the face of such a thing as “too much neon.” There is never such a thing as too much neon.

30. If you live in a country that depends on miles instead of kilometers, you’re slowly converting to #teammetric.

31. The word “fartlek” makes you giggle — it will never stop making you giggle — but at least you know what it means.

32. You know the location of every public bathroom in your neighborhood.

33. You also know the location of most Starbucks stores, in a pinch.

34. You’ve researched running routes before heading on vacation or a business trip.

35. When someone tells you that running a marathon is crazy, you’re just kind of like, well, yeah, that’s the point.

36. You know the streets when they’re quiet and calm, when the day is either just beginning or just ending, and you have a piece of the world to yourself. It’s nothing else but the road and your legs and your mind, and no one can take that away from you.

37. But it is never, ever “jogging.”

Hello fellow runners.

After months of a period of unrest in my life, I am finally headed back towards my quest of healthy and whole living.

I am training for Boston 2014 and feeling stronger and stronger everyday.

So here is to running and living. 

lol me finishing in Boston.

lol me finishing in Boston.

My Boston Marathon Experience 2013 Summary

Hello followers! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in nearly forever. I have been dealing with life and stress.

Anyway, I participated in the Boston Marathon on Monday. It was such a lovely course and I was glad to just be apart of the experience. My training leading up to the race was very poor and I was nowhere close to prepared. I projected to get around 3:45 - 4:00 on this race. After mile 1 I had the worst shin splints I have ever had up through mile 5. I even cried somewhere in between those miles while I was running because the pain was so great and I was so sad because I had barely even started the race. Around mile 5 my entire right leg fell asleep which was nice because I didn’t have the excruciating pain in my lower leg, but also awkward. I chugged along somehow and made it to mile 16 where some kids were handing out cups of ice. I took maybe 2 minutes or some to try and stretch out my shin splints and put ice in my compression socks. It hurt so bad to even stand. I began running again and just ran through it. I got some gatorade and water at every mile marker probably up until mile 20, HEARTBREAK HILL. Okay just to let everyone know, heartbreak hill is not as bad as you might think. There is 2-3 hills BEFORE heartbreak that are much harder. heartbreak actually goes by rather fast if you just keep your head down. Anyway, I planned on possibly walking a bit maybe around mile 22 or 23, but I didn’t. I just kept giving myself new goals of distances to run through and by then time flew by and I was at mile 25 then at the “1 mile left” sign. I crossed the finish line with the clock saying I ran it in 3:50:something seconds. And I was really sad but whatever. I just kept walking and got my medal and foil blanket and water or whatever then collected my bag that I dropped off at the starting line. I called my best friend, Haley, who came with me and she was like OH MY GOD GOOD JOB. I didn’t know what she was talking about because that time was nowhere near what I am capable of. And she continues to tell me that I actually got a time of 3:29:53! I was so excited. After an episode of depression for the months of February and March and smoking like 1/3 pack of cigarettes a day, I was satisfied with that time. So I met my roommate back at the hotel and we were just hanging out. Then my friend Serena from back home called me to see if I was okay. At first I thought she just meant from the marathon. She told me about the explosions. It was the weirdest feeling ever. So Haley and I went downstairs into the lobby to watch TV. Down there were other runners and family. We were all very confused and freaking out. One woman was crying because she couldn’t get a hold of her husband and everyone was on edge. The lady ended up talking to him about 15 minutes after. Haley and I tried calling loved ones, etc., but our phones weren’t working and we couldn’t get a signal. We eventually did and I called my mom and found out she was terrified along with the rest of my family. It was all so strange because our hotel was only 3 block away from the explosion sites, yet, we didn’t feel anything. I’m not home and just very confused about the whole thing. It was so scary, but I think I am more scared now. I don’t know. I am thankful Haley and I and our friends who hungout with us in Boston are okay. But I am also angry and confused and sad. Why? it’s just so cruel.